Welcome to 2020!

If you’re reading this, then you’re up an at ’em already in 2020.
Well, maybe not up and at ’em.
Maybe more like “pass the coffee” hanging out in pajamas all day kind of mood.

With 2019 behind us, I just wanted to thank everyone who has crossed my path both professionally and personally.

Welcome Rachel!

In 2019 I was thrilled and privileged to hire a bright young lady to come work for me in my real estate office. If you haven’t met Rachel Foley yet, I hope you do soon, I think she’s a keeper and I’m sure you will too. The addition of Rachel to my office brings an enthusiasm that is infectious and a second opinion that is greatly valued (pretty hard to have that when you’re a solo act). I could not be happier to have her working with me.

If you know Rachel you also know that she’s a preschool teacher (and a spectacular one at that) – do not fear, she’s not leaving that world behind. She still spends her mornings a few days a week nurturing young little minds and souls at the Fayston Elementary School.

So when you see her next, give her a long over do congratulatory hug!

I was fortunate to work with many sellers in 2019. In real estate (and sometimes in life in general) we tend to complain when we talk about how busy life is. I get that, life is crazy sometimes (all the time?) and it can be really hard to stop and just appreciate what you have. Well, I was keenly aware of that every time someone asked “How’s real estate these days?” that I not let it turn into a complaint-ridden rant. I was busy, so busy that these blogs just didn’t get written and it was a challenge to keep life straight. But I was also keenly aware that with that busyness came good fortune. I’m lucky. I have a job I like that I take pride in. I get to work for people as I choose, in a place that I love,  doing something I’m good at. Most importantly, that flexibility of working for myself allows me to be very present in the lives of my children (who, by the way, don’t take directions, such as “stop growing up”). What is there to complain about? So in that vain, I wanted to thank all those sellers who trusted me with what may be the most valuable asset in their lives. It was a pleasure working with you all.

The really fun part about my job is working for a buyer. Looking for a house is fun! And if it’s your first home purchase – even more so, and it truly gives me great pleasure working my butt of for you new home buyers. So, thank you to all of you that listened to me go on (and on) about home values and best negotiating tactics. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season in your new home!

That’s it. I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Day, in your jammies or out on the mountain. No judgement.

For the upcoming year, I hope you’re able ski when you want to, I hope that we have the snow so we can ski when we want to, if you’re not a skier I hope you find the time to enjoy the great scenery we are blessed with in Vermont, I hope you are able to spend time with family when you want to, able to enjoy your work as much as I do, I hope you find time to swim in our glorious Mad River when the weather gets warm again and I hope that all of us can live a prosperous and generous life.