Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes it’s easy to say the words without really giving much thought to their meaning, to think of turkey and a table full of side dishes, leftovers and some over-indulgence. Black Friday and Internet Monday; a day with family and friends or a day off from work (hopefully) or school.

But this year it seems there is so much more to be thankful for, given what’s been happening in the world beyond our lovely little piece of paradise that is the Mad River Valley. So I give thanks for all the things that sometimes I take for granted, because really, I shouldn’t.

I’m grateful for the roof over my head and for my wife and our children, whom I adore.

I’m grateful that my children are healthy, that they do not know hunger, and that they have a comfortable pillow to lay their heads on at night.

I’m thankful for the schools in our community, where our children are safe and attend without fear of persecution; for the tireless hours the teachers and staff commit in giving our children the gift of knowledge and tolerance.

I’m grateful that the cacophony of gunfire and bombs are sounds that I have never known.

I’m thankful for my job and to those who have trusted me to work for them.

I’m thankful for my health, and that of my family, my friends, my nearest and dearest.

I’m thankful that I can move about the tiny world that I call home freely, without fear of retribution because of how I “look” or who I worship or what I believe to be true in my heart.

I’m thankful that I live at the base of two great ski mountains, and can take a few turns whenever I choose.

I’m grateful that I am married to a woman who’s not hung up on hair, or a lack thereof.

I’m thankful for the blossoming sense of humor I can see growing in my children, and that laughter fills our house, even when things are not always perfect.

…and I’m grateful that someone thought to invite us over to share in their Holiday celebration, for including those around you is the greatest gift a person can give.

Happy Thanksgiving.